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Winchester, Virginia October 2021.


I started Tobeva Software in April 2020 to do consulting and contracting in cloud data pipelines, high-performance systems and computer graphics.

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I’m available for short to medium term consulting engagements or contracts. I’m able to work on new features, tools, or prototypes, or do one-off projects such as setting up Continuous Integration or other build automation such as testing, doing static analysis, or fixing performance issues or difficult bugs. I recently helped migrate a company from Perforce to Git and I could advise or help with setting up Git-based workflows.

I’ve primarily worked in C/C++, Python and Javascript, but I’m interested in other languages such as Go and Rust, and could come up to speed quickly. I have five years of experience with AWS, but would be happy to use other cloud services also. I work remotely from my home in Winchester, Virginia.

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Philip Winston

Founder of Tobeva Software.

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Twenty-five years of experience in various industries.


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